Trump Throws Down Binders Full of Regulation Paperwork

Back in 2012, liberals got all incensed about Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women.” In 2017, Donald Trump is getting pretty ticked off at binders full of pork — and he’s giving them the what-for.

During a speech at the Transportation Department on Friday to push his infrastructure program, Trump dropped three huge binders representing one infrastructure project caught up in red tape as a bit of performance art aimed at bureaucratic slowdown.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the binders represented a $29 million project for a road just 18 miles long in Maryland. Trump said he found out about the project when talking to one of the officials from the state just before the speech.

“They spent $29 million for an environmental report weighing 70 pounds and costing $24,000 per page,” Trump told his audience. “And I said, ‘Do me a favor, I’m going to make a speech in a little while. Do you mind if I take that and show it?’” he continued. “So I’m going to show it.”

Trump then crossed the stage and pointed out the three massive binders. He then began dropping them on the floor after flipping through them for show.

“Here’s another one,” he said, as the crowd laughed. “They don’t even know what this is.”

He then returned to the podium.

“So they spent millions and millions of dollars — when I said, ‘how long has this short roadway been talked about?’ the gentleman said, ‘Well, if you say 20 years, you’re safe.’”

Check it out here:

The speech was part of a weeklong push dubbed “Infrastructure Week” by the administration in which the president pushed for a $1 trillion infrastructure package.

Earlier in the week, according to Fox News, Trump said during a speech in Cincinnati that Americans “deserve the best infrastructure anywhere in the world.”

However, red tape can definitely get in the way of that, as this object lesson seems to have proved. Whether or not the Trump administration has the ability to cut through that and convince both parties of the necessity of his infrastructure program remains to be seen.

At least he gave us a moment that rivaled “binders full of women.”

H/T U.K. Daily Mail

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